the retail paradox

The retail landscape is constantly changing and becoming more challenging. Retailers expectations are high, in-store execution is low and product margins are thin. The value of having Sales Representatives who are passionate about the product in the stores is needed now more than ever, yet having a Sales Representative team in the field is very cost prohibitive for many companies.

That’s where Retail Access come in!

We have a long established selling network across Canada. We already carry the high cost of salaries, IT/reporting infrastructure, vehicles, communications devices and software as well as the associated financial risk of things like LTD, WSIB and mounting benefit and insurance costs. We have the infrastructure in place so your business wont have to incur these high costs. We can provide a business to business (B2B) sales solution more effectively that any other company in Canada. In fact, we are one of the only companies in Canada that can do what we do. Actually,  we are the ONLY company in Canada that can do what we do.


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